A Little About Me

 Hey there! Thanks for visiting my site!

I'm a New York based actor-musician and bread baking enthusiast originally from a small town in Eastern Connecticut. I grew up singing with my mom and playing the violin with my brother, eventually adding the piano, and French horn to my repertoire. 


I was fortunate to attend The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts for high school where I decided to study musical theatre because it was the program where I got to take classes in as many interests as possible. 


In the spring of 2017 I graduated from Ithaca College with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I've been living in New York City ever since. 

Most recently, I was on the road with the Once National Tour playing Reza and covering Girl. It was the most creatively fulfilling experience I've ever had and a story

I hope to be able to tell again. 

Since the beginning of the coronavirus shutdown and pause on most live performances, I've been working towards applying to graduate programs in pursuing my masters in voice. 


In addition to acting, I write my own music with two of my childhood best friends. Music can be found here: http://www.bandshes.com