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Emily Gregonis, mezzo soprano, is a native of Columbia, Connecticut. She is currently a graduate student at Ithaca College where she studies Vocal Performance. In addition to her studies, she is also a voice teacher at Ithaca College. She teaches Classical and Contemporary Commercial Music in both a private and classroom setting. Emily is dedicated to the growth of each student as an individual and committed to teaching healthy vocal technique that is balanced in science and artistry.


Over the past two years, Emily has been piloting a new course entitled The Singing Performer-a three course series designed to develop body awareness and utilize the functionality of the body as an instrument in vocal production through guided practice.


 As a performer, Emily is praised for her superb acting and vocal agility. She has experience in a wide variety of styles and venues. This year, she will be in productions with Ithaca College, Glimmerglass Festival, and Chelsea Opera.

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